Update on Via Vasquez Water Plant


As we reported in our last update, the intervention was launched this past July with orientation and planning meetings between Compassion DR staff, partner church pastor Santos Pérez, and selected church and center leaders. 

In addition, Pastor Jorge Calderon of the Compassion partner church in Villa Gonzalez volunteered to serve as project consultant, free of charge. With his engineering background and experience with a similar project at his own church—also made possible by your generosity—Pastor Calderon designed both a plan for infrastructure modifications and a budget for the intervention at Villa Vasquez. 


At the beginning of September the infrastructure modifications were launched. As of the latest report from Compassion DR, dated December 15, these modifications are about 50 percent completed. The construction is reportedly progressing smoothly, with the following accomplishments to date: 

  • Modifications to the water well on the partner church premises 
  • An underground cistern with a 10,000-gallon capacity 
  • The roof and basic structure of the facility to house the water purification system 

We are especially pleased to report that Pastor Pérez and the project committee have been diligent stewards of your gift, ensuring both the quality and cost-efficiency of materials and supplies. Specifically, they have been able to obtain significant discounts on construction materials from suppliers, as well as a tax exemption on both the materials and the water purification system.

For a full report and update on progress from Villa Vasquez click here.